Want to get involved?

If you would like to help victims of crime and victims of violence as a volunteer, you can do that by becoming a volunteer in Crisis and Counseling Centre Skalbes. Here is a questionnaire that can filled online – http://www.skalbes.lv/brivpratigais-darbs.
You can also cooperate with Centre “Dardedze” – here you can find out more about the volunteering possibilities http://www.centrsdardedze.lv/lat/brivpratigais_darbs/
You can also contact Talsi district crises centre and offer your help – http://www.krizucentrs.lv/kr/?id=5 .
Although most of the information in indicated webpages is available in Latvian, do not hesitate to contact the organizations and offer your help – it will be highly appreciated.