State Compensation to Victims

A person, who has been identified as victim in criminal proceedings, if the offence resulted in death of the person or the victim has suffered severe, moderate injuries, the person’s sexual or moral inviolability was affected, the victim has suffered in the result of human trafficking or the victim was infected with human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis B or C, shall be entitled to receive the state compensation.

In order to receive the state compensation, the person must complete and submit to the Legal Aid Administration the state compensation request form, which must be supplemented by relevant documents:

  • certification from the person directing the proceedings, if the compensation is being sought in criminal proceedings before the time when final decision is made;
  • final decision of the person directing the proceedings having entered into force, if at the time of the state compensation request criminal proceedings are completed or decision of the person directing the proceedings has entered into force on criminal proceedings to be terminated due to circumstances non-rehabilitating for the person. If award specified by the court judgment or by final decision of the person directing the proceedings under criminal proceedings or civil proceedings for the injury incurred due to offence-related harm is not implemented or not implemented in full, copies of executive document shall be enclosed with final decision of the person directing the proceedings.

The request for the state compensation shall be submitted to the Legal Aid Administration within three years from the day when the person has been recognized as the victim in the criminal proceeding or has discovered the facts providing the rights to request the state compensation.

The Legal Aid Administration, within one month after the request for compensation is received, shall evaluate the submitted documents and decide on payment or refusal to pay the state compensation. State compensation shall be paid within one month after the date of decision on payment of the state compensation, by transfer of the state compensation amount to bank account designated in the state compensation request or operating account of postal system of settlements.

State compensation is not payable if:

  • it has been requested improperly,
  • deadline for applications for the state compensation is delayed, except in cases where the deadline is delayed due to justifiable reasons,
  • it has been found that the victim knowingly provided false information when requesting the state compensation;
  • the victim has received from the accused, who has been found guilty of a criminal offence, a reward in amount exceeding the amount of state compensation prescribed by the Law “On State Compensation to Victims” or is equivalent thereto.

Consultation on filling in the state compensation claim form, as well as documents to be enclosed can be received free of charge from the Legal Aid Administration customers’ reception service or by calling the toll-free information telephone number +371 8000 18 01.